Mehbs Yaqub Design is a luxury UK brand specialising in hand-made jewellery, bespoke products & lavish interior design.
The brand was founded in 2001 by Mehbs Yaqub, a talented British designer who found his niche in this market and gained admiration of prestigious clientele.
Mehbs Yaqub’s creations play on the essence of passion, mystery and sensuality taking into consideration the desires and vision of the client to the next level.

They are personally created by hand from the highest quality materials sourced from exclusive suppliers.
Mehbs Yaqub’s unique crystal encrusted jewellery is admired for its visual beauty and unique nature.
His obsession with detail to perfection has made celebrities passionate ambassadors of the brand.

His talent in interior design has been exquisitely showcased in the Crystal Bathrooms of Mayfair’s celebrity hangout ‘Sketch’.
Mehbs Yaqub Design adheres to the highest ethical standards and uncompromising commitment to excellence with a view to each individual client’s desires